I will be going to Nairobi, Kenya for 8 weeks during the Summer of 2011. Please pray for myself, my team, and ministry going on there currently.. God bless <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kwaheri Kenya

"Kwaheri Kenya" means "Goodbye Kenya."

Yesterday, I said goodbye to Kenya. I didn't want to leave, but I knew that God was bringing me back to America with a purpose.

I have many, many stories that I will be able to share with others about God's love and presence in Africa.

I will be able to show others how much I have grown through this intercultural experience.

I will be able to share about God's heart for the poor.

I will be able to share how each of us were created for Heaven and our home will never be here on earth.

I will have the ability to share with others to stop praying the prayer, "Lord let your will be done with my life in the next five years" and instead to proclaim this prayer, "Lord guide my every action in accordance with Your Spirit every moment of every day."

Honestly, none of this internship was about what I did in Kenya, but it was all about what God taught me and what He did in my heart.

My life this summer was an endless pursuit of Christ and His love for His people.

He taught me that no one person is better than any other through His eyes.

During each loan meeting I was able to search through the Bible and let the Holy Spirit lead me in sharing a word of encouragement.

God taught me that He loves people no matter where they live.

God taught me that the prayers I'm praying, with the amount of faith I have in Jesus, are able to move mountains in Kenya and America.

He is the Name above ALL Names.

Potentially the most important lesson is that I could use accounting with ministry.

I'm blessed to have had the chance to serve Jesus in Kenya.

I'm blessed to share these stories and Christ's love for His people with you.

Jesus loves you with an undeniable, immeasurable amount of love. Never, ever forget that.

In Christ,
Brandi :)

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